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Earlier this year, I went to New York to help the Flatiron flagship and 2020 fixture store in Tribeca with their Q3 Launch. I also visited the Madison Avenue and Greenwich stores. I saw some amazing window displays during my visit. The Bergdorf Goodman windows on 754 5th Avenue were particularly striking and I felt extremely lucky to see these with my own eyes!


Three weeks ago today, on Saturday 16th September I arrived on site at 6.30am with my boss and colleague to finish setting up a pop up shop for the Sweaty Betty Live festival. The previous day we arrived at 8.45am and we spent the day there and had managed to complete the majority of the work.

Set up 1/10

Set up 2/10

Set up 3/10


Set up 4/10

Set up 5/10

Set up 6/10

Set up 7/10

Set up 8/10

Set up 9/10

Set up 10/10

View of the pop up shop from the workout area entrance

Ceremony range on two rails


Close up of one of the Ceremony rails

Reimagined range on two rails

Close up of one of the Reimagined rails

Modern Zen range on the table

Modern Zen range

Close up of the Modern Zen range

Zero Gravity leggings on plinth

Signage for the pop up shop


Gardens range on one rail

Gardens range in surroundings


Three weeks ago today, on Tuesday 29th September I flew eight hours from London to New York for my first store opening as Junior Visual Merchandiser, to help the American team open a new ‘sweaty sexy’, ‘London cool’ store in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Arriving at the site at 9AM on the morning of my first full day in New York

View in the store from the main entrance

Table with the Rituals collection

The new framework with correct bracket positioning. The Renew collection on the frame, and the Origami collection in front

The Gardens collection on the frame, which has now been fixed. There will be correct height positions, shelving, and POS in place

A view of the Light and Shadows, Minimal, and Reimagined collections

A partial view of the plinth, and the bar with till. Note the large Union Jack flag

View from behind the bar